Saturday, March 29, 2008

18 inch Please with Works!

It's one of those days where I had to unwind. To stay away from computers and stuff and have a little rest and relaxation, and what a great way to relax is take out a whole 18 inch new york style pizza. Surprised? Yes, thats my way of relaxation. Dining out and eating your hearts out.

Remember that checkered board design inside the yellow cab pizza restaurant. I kept on wondering, how on earth would a person mix all of these craps? "Well, for me some of the ingredients listed taste like crap". He turned them into a masterpiece.

Who ever invented pizza, he was such a genius. He turned a big hunk of dough, splattered with cheese, mushroom, meaty oh so yummy! tomato sauce, cucumber, radish, oh my sorry, kindly disregard the last two. Anyway, I like being served with a hot one out of the oven rather than those soggy pizza's served in thick crust. You know what im saying! hehe! Mahirap na mademanda.

I do have some what if's? Does yellow cab san francisco pizza taste differently as compared to yellow cab pizza philippines. Basically, I can assume that it does since after the outbreak of ....
man, its in the tip of my tounge, would you believe I had to login at yahoo messenger and ask someone from the chat room... hahaha

As I was saying, I can safely assume that since there are so many franchise owners. The quality of the services and products suffered. Still, yellow cab's new york pizza taste absolutely.... im lost for words... just try it. I do have one wish list from them, a chicago style pizza, or a deep dish pizza. They can also give some pizza coupons to selected customers such as me. hehe!